Temp mail generator permanently - not only 10 minute mail, but also the email live forever

Perhaps for those in the Digital Marketing industry, it is no stranger to the phrase Temp mail or 10 minute mail, fake email generator anymore. So what is Temp mail and how to create Temp mail and can create your own Temp mail list with en.Mail1s.com

What is Temp mail ?

Temp mail are Email addresses created in a short period of time, without an email password or permanently by websites that provide fast Temp mail creation services like en.mail1s.com

What is Mail1s.com ?

Mail1s is a webiste that creates Temp mail or 10 minute mail, also known as 10 minute mail. You can create unlimited email addresses and especially you can create Temp mail as you like. Your mail is automatically deleted after 30 days, but the Temp mail address you create is permanent. en.mail1s.com is also known as: Temp mail, 10 minute mail or fake email.

What is the purpose of Temp mail generator ?

When we discover that an anonymous email exists, we do not fully understand how usefulness it can be. And the most important question is, “Why do we need a Temp mail if we already have regular email service providers (gmail.com, yahoo.com, …)?” If both the regular emails and anonymous emails are completely free, then, “What’s the difference?” you might ask. When you register to get a regular email, you will need to provide personal information. However, using a Temp mail you don't need to do it. A regular email address will never delete your emails, while all the letters will be automatically deleted after an hour when you are using a Temp mail. A regular email can't be completely removed. On the other hand, disposable email gives you this option without any problems.

Why do you need temp mail , but not 10 minute mail ?

The time of Temp mail generator in Mail1s.com is permanently and free. So you can use it for a long time. In addition, Mail1s also supports creating Temp mail by domain name.